General Questions

Understanding ProductAngle: Features and Functionality

ProductAngle is this cool AI tool that makes your marketing life easier. You give it a product link from anywhere online - like Amazon, eBay, or your Shopify store - and it whips up awesome Ads, Advertorials, and Product Pages. It's like having a smart marketing buddy!

Simple. Drop a product page link into ProductAngle, and it digs out all the juicy details. Then, it uses some nifty AI to create marketing content that's not just good-looking but effective. It's like magic, but with AI.

Loads of them! Whether you're reaching out to folks in English, French, Chinese, or even Swahili, ProductAngle's got you covered. It speaks a whole bunch of languages - 20, to be exact.

Yep! Once it's done creating, it can zap those product pages and advertorials right onto your Shopify store. No more copy-pasting!
Subscription and Pricing

Plans and Pricing: Choosing the Right Subscription for You

Here's the deal: you pick a plan, and you get a bunch of credits for making different types of content. Each piece of content you create costs some credits. Easy, right?

Three flavors: Starter, Plus, and Elite. Each one's got its own perks, like more credits for bigger appetites. Pick what fits your needs.

Sure thing! Take ProductAngle for a spin with a 7-day trial. See how it fits before you decide on a plan.
Plan Specifics

Detailed Overview of Each Subscription Plan

Starter's great if you're, well, starting out. You get to integrate one Shopify shop, create a bunch of marketing angles, product pages, ads, and advertorials. It's a good place to begin.

Going Plus means more power. Integrate up to 5 Shopify shops and get a heap more credits for all your content needs. It's for when you're stepping up your game.

Elite's the big leagues. Think lots of integrations, loads of marketing angles, and heaps of content. It's for when you're playing to win big.

Totally. Feel like upgrading or scaling down? You can switch plans anytime. The change kicks in from your next billing cycle. Just shoot an email to hello@productangle.pro. We're here to help!
Technical Support and Contact

Getting Help: Support and Contact Information

Stuck on something? Just shoot an email to hello@productangle.pro. We're here to help!
Hypothetical Questions

Anticipating Your Queries: Hypothetical Scenarios and Responses

Got a special request? We're all ears. Drop us a line with what you need, and we'll see what we can do. We love making ProductAngle even better for you.
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